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Reduce hard & soft costs

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Lower the cost of supplies.

Since the average office worker in America is estimated to use 10,000 pieces of paper in a calendar year, switching your document management to digital forms means that your organization will save money on paper costs. But did you know that less paper equals fewer pens, fewer staples, fewer folders, and less toner? With FormFactor you can:

  • Lower the hard cost of printing and maintaining forms
  • Reduce the hidden costs of a paper form workflow
  • Reduce your organization's carbon footprint
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Lower the net cost of equipment.

If your organization relies on a paper form workflow, it probably has a strategy to digitize, maintain, and store completed forms. Usually, this includes the purchase and maintenance of scanners, OCR software, Image QA software, and document disposal/storage. By switching to FormFactor, you can:

  • Eliminate printers and scanners from the process
  • Reduce pages scanned across the organization
  • Eliminate costs of paper handling, disposal, and storage
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Lower the cost of errors & rework.

Paper forms invariably mean that humans will end up touching the form at multiple points in its lifecycle. And good intentions aside, people make [costly] mistakes consistently. FormFactor helps you avoid human error with:

  • Workflow integration: forms can kick off business processes in Alfresco; the right people are notified, right away, via the right process
  • Masked fields ensure that users enter information correctly the first time
  • No "oops" moments. Forms are tagged, and added to your document repository exactly the way you want, every time
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Do you want to help your organization lower costs around custom digital & paper forms?

Then let's talk. We made FormFactor because we have first hand experience with the cost savings a digital workflow can provide. Contact us for a Demo »

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Improve efficiency & agility

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Lower time to deployment.

Development in Alfresco (or any ECM system) isn't easy. To develop a custom digital form in Alfresco, you need two things: 1.) Experienced Alfresco developers and 2.) Time. Chances are, you probably won't be able to find enough of either. With FormFactor installed you will be able to:

  • Allowing SME's to develop and edit forms immediately
  • Hot deploy forms in hours rather than weeks or months
  • Respond to changing situations by revising forms instantly
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Reduce the time and frustration required to fill out forms.

No one likes filling out forms. While necessary, they take up time, are often indecipherable, and feel like a burden. With FormFactor, you can help your users/customers feel better about forms by designing and deploying forms that are functional, accessible and more concise.

  • Instantly respond to feedback about form design and language by quickly revising and redeploying forms
  • Reusable templates and components
  • Simple form categorization and security
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Leverage the power of your ECM system.

When integrated with your ECM system, digital forms let you utilize powerful features like document versioning, previews, metadata, workflows, and security. FormFactor builds on that functionality by:

  • Automating metadata deployment
  • Automating workflow/business logic
  • Automating aspect creation
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Do you want your organization to increase efficiency and agility by moving towards a paperless workflow?

Then let's talk. We built FormFactor because we think that words like "Agile" and "Enterprise" don't have to be mutually exclusive. Contact us for a Demo »

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Increase compliance & reduce errors

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Make the best-case the only case.

Paper forms only work well when the people creating them make them understandable, the people filling them out do so error free, and the people processing them make no errors. If you think that sounds unlikely, you aren't alone. Digital forms help your entire document management process by:

  • Allowing SME's to develop and edit forms immediately
  • Double checking information through validation and verification
  • Automating metadata creation and workflow/business intelligence
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Mistake-free, happy SME’s.

No one likes to make mistakes, but the reality of paper forms is that even the most meticulously designed ones do nothing to prevent human error. FormFactor empowers your SME's by giving them simple to create and managed digital forms. FormFactor is the only form management solution for Alfresco that offers:

  • Drag and drop form layout and construction
  • Reusable templates and components
  • Simple form categorization and security
  • Automatic metadata creation
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Do you want to enable your organization to be more compliant and to reduce errors?

Then let's talk. We built FormFactor because we know that the right way doesn't have to be frustrating, expensive & time-consuming. Contact us for a Demo »

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